Here are a variety of great links that I hope you explore and enjoy. If you would like to be added to this list or are kind enough to add a link to my page, please email me with the subject header: Website Link Share.

Guitar Repair/Building Resources and Supplies

Tube Amp Building Resources, Supplies

  • AX84 Amp Building Site - DIY Amp projects
  • 18 Watt DIY Tube Amp Site - schematics and more to build your own 18 watt tube amp
  • Cigar Box Amp Page - great 1 watt circuit you can build in a cigar box.  check out my gallery section for a few of the ones I've built
  • Schematic Heaven - Amp Schematic Site.  Turbo Guitar Nerd Boosters Engage!!
  • Precision Design - Custom Amp Faceplate, Logos, and Nameplates for your guitar amp builds.  Will work with you on design.  Excellent service, turnaround time, and prices.
  • Amplates - Custom Services for all your DIY amp builds including:  Nameplates, Face/Back Control Plates, and even Grill Cloth designs.   Run by Joe Vallina, they are located in the D.C. area.  

Studios and Music Lessons

  • Groovin' On Music - Pasadena Music store and Recording Studio.  It has full compliment of music teachers, complete recording studio with staff engineer Clinton Clark ready to help you with any recording project, and they can get you any gear you want at a great price.  Located at 2100 Foothill Blvd  between Allen and Sierra Madre Blvd.  626-793-8809. 
  • Tony Ryan- Guitar Lessons - For guitar lessons from an incredible player and teacher in the South Pasadena area.  Call directly at 626 372-4496. No current website available.
  • Sharon Ray- Bass Lessons - For Bass Guitar and Viola lessons in the Eagle Rock area contact Sharon at: 818-807-8690 or you can find her info on
  • Billy Burke - Guitar Lessons/Recording Studio - For Guitar and Bass Lessons in the Sierra Madre area, and full service Recording Studio
  • Eagle Rock Studios - Recording studio services and guitar lessons in the Eagle Rock area.  Ask for Marcel, the owner. 
  • Silverfern Recording Studio - For an incredible, intimate recording setting with top notch gear and flexibility contact Matt, owner of Silverfern Studios in Altadena.  Matt is also a professional drummer and available for drum lessons.

Misc Links

Band & Musician Links

  • Inner Knot Records - Home of King Crimson, Bill Bruford, Tony Levin many more fantastic musicians of our day
  • drunkdude69 - Grooviest, Most Funkified band in Cleveland, Ohio. 
  • Scotty Moore - Rockabilly King
  • David Boswell - Jazz Guitarist with new CD available, titled  "I Like That".  This album has some real jazz heavy hitters. 
  • Black Crowes - last album is incredible
  • Marillion - Great British Band
  • Kula Shaker - These Guys just Rule.  Mix of modern, 60's, Indian music that rocks.