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Finally got this fun little project completed!! Only took about 4 years or so, not because it was so difficult, but because I just couldnt figure out what pedals to add. I finally needed a band situation to come up to get this project done and ready to use at rehearsals. Made from an old suitcase I bought at a thrift store, this sucker is heavy once its all packed up. I used 1/2" plywood as the base and that was probably overkill. Either way it works great, is easy to transport and is definitely a conversation starter. I used a Voodoo Labs Pedalpower for the power supply, George-L cables, and lots of other misc hardware to complete this sucker.

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View from the Rock n' Roll Captain's Chair

View from the back.

View of power supply

Back View: board open

Top of Suitcase

Top View