Gear For Sale

Guitar Parts, Music Gear, and Guitar & Amp Building Materials For Sale. 

Call me directly or email at the "Contact Us" page if you are interested and you would like more information about a specific item.  Check back periodically as new items will be added monthly. 

Cruz Tools Guitar Setup Kit - New - $50/each

 kit has complete set of basic tools in a handy zip up pouch to do standard guitar setups, and also take care of various issues on a gig like string changes. Also includes complete guitar setup instruction sheet.  


Telecaster neck Pickup, Great Cond. - $30 


Fender Brand, 8.85kohm resistance 

 XLR Microphone Cable, 25ft - New - $10

Sam Ash brand. Never removed from packaging, marked on package as $20 new. 



 P-Bass Pickup - $10



10.5kohm resistance 

   Ukulele Bridge with Saddle, Rosewood - New - $10/each - quantity 2 available.


1"x 4-7/8" dimensions 


 P-bass Pickup - $10



7.8kohm resistance 


 Acoustic Guitar Tuners- New - $15/set

Ping Brand model #2631, three on a side tuners, chrome color


 Jazz Bass Pickup - $10



7.4kohm resistance 


 Bass Guitar Neck- Refretted,   - $50


Excellent Condition, Rosewood Fretboard, Project guitar neck, professionally refretted. Ready to be used for your home brew bass guitar build, includes string nut.  


 Jazz Bass Pickup - $10



7.1kohm resistance 


 12 String Guitar Neck - $50


project guitar neck, Great Condition, Rosewood Fretboard, professionally refretted, and ready for your guitar home brew build.  


12 String Bridge w/Saddle, $30 - New 


 Rosewood, Dimensions:

6-7/8" length, 1-1/8" wide at wings, 1-1/2" wide at center 


 Classical Guitar Bridge with Saddle, Rosewood -New- $10/each  - quantity 3 available.


1-1/8" x 6-5/8" dimensions


 Acoustic Guitar Bridge, New - $10



Dimensions: 1-1/8"x6"

  Classical Guitar Bridge with Saddle, Rosewood - New-$10/each, quantity 2 available.


1-3/16" x 6" dimensions


 Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Bridge Blanks - $10/each


Various sizes of rosewood blanks for your home acoustic guitar building projects