FOR SALE page added to the website!!

January 20th, 2014

Hello Everyone. Hope you are all having a fantastic New Year!!!   In that spirit we have added a new page to our website titled: FOR SALE.    You will find listed there various items all dealing with guitar parts, guitar building, and music gear that we are willing to part with (for a price) here in the shop.  If you see anything you are interested in, contact us for more info, any questions or to make an appt to meet and inspect the item.  Hope to hear from you all soon, and check back periodically as new items will be listed monthly.



Happy Holidays!!

December 5th, 2013

Just a quick update. The shop will be open throughout the December Holidays, except the 24th and 25th. If you have any holiday guitar repair needs, give us a ring.

Shop Closed September 18th through October 6th

September 16th, 2013

Hey Folks, sorry for the inconvenience but we will be taking some time in late September to close the shop, update some equipment, and do some relaxing. Please call or email if you have any questions and we will respond as quickly as possible.

New Gallery Photos: Suitcase Pedal Board.

March 12th, 2013

Check out the new gallery I have put up on a project that has been lying around my shop for far too long. Finally got the spark to complete it by placing all the pedals in the right order, wiring it all up, and turning on the power. Only had one bad cable, otherwise it went smooth.  The heart of it is the Voodoo Labs Pedalpower and  the Radial Loopbone. The Loopbone lets me route the tuner separately, buffers the input signal, gives two separate loops that allow me to remove pedals from the signal chain and even has a boost function.

here is a photo, check out the gallery for more pics.  Let me know what you think, and if you dig it, head to your thrift store, but a cheap old suitecase and make your own.

Happy New Year!!

December 22nd, 2012

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and you are ready for a great 2013.  The shop is open again and ready for all your guitar repair needs.   We hope to hear from you soon.

Learn to Restring Your Guitars: New Course Available!!!

September 27th, 2012

As the ONLY guitar repair shop in Southern California to offer actual one-on-one workshops to teach how to do your own repairs including: setups and fret dressing, I’ve now added another basic level hands-on course on proper and efficient restringing.   Yea, it seems basic (and it is) but I am constantly amazed how many customers come in and they don’t really have this skill down yet.

I know from experience years ago when I started learning guitar that restringing was a dreaded time.  You either had to pay the music store an additional fee to take care of it and have them look at you pathetically for not knowing how to do it yourself, or sit in your bedroom for two hours and still mess it up.  Well honestly, EVERY guitar player should know how to restring their own guitars efficiently, correctly and without any teeth nashing.

This course will show you the basics of restringing either an acoustic, electric or classical guitar. You can also bring in two different style guitars if you wish to really make sure you have this skill down.

Call For More Details.

Foonspeeders New Album/Music Available

September 19th, 2012

Check out this link to the complete songs on our new album from the Foonspeeders, Open Your Mouth.  Completed long distance between myself and the other two members of the Band who reside in Cleveland, Ohio: Scott Martin and Michael Adams.

Our first album since 1997, it mixes a few newer songs with some which we have been working on and recording since I moved to LA, and even a few updated versions of songs we wrote and played even just as we were starting out together.

Overall, its a mix of blues-rock, power-pop, and just some good old fashioned fun. Hope  you dig it, and I have CD’s available in the repair shop too.

BB King Concert – Hollywood Bowl, September 5th

September 9th, 2012

BB King Live at Hollywood Bowl

Enjoyed an incredible evening of blues and soul music last Wednesday evening with my wife and two very good friends.  Opening act really cooked: Tedeschi Trucks, with Derek Trucks from the Alman Brothers Band.  Then up came the legend B.B. King and he didnt disappoint.  Even weeks away from his 87th birthday he was still playing that guitar, singing and just into being on stage and having fun.  Guest appearance by John Mayer, sitting in on one song, topped off the night and left the crowd rowdy and pleased.

Check out video link above that I have put up on Youtube.  Just a few minute’s sample of the evenings festivities.

Heading to Brian Setzer Orchestra concert on Sunday September 16th, Hollywood Bowl Finale weekend!!!  Perfect follow up show to B.B.


DYI Road Case Video Series available online

August 13th, 2012

This great company up the road from us in North Hollywood now has a full series of videos online and FREE for those who wish to learn how to build their own music gear road cases ( or even non music gear for that matter I guess).

They have the full line of hardware that you will need to complete the job also.  I have purchased from them directly for a couple guitar amp projects.  Earlier this year they were at the NAMM show in Anaheim.

So if you are on a budget and always wanted that cool road case for your Marshall amp head, are handy with the tools, or just want to learn a new skill, check out their website and these videos.

Shop Closed July 26th-August 1st

July 25th, 2012

Our shop will be closed the above listed days and will not be available to work on repairs, return phone calls, or answer emails.  Sorry for the inconvenience.