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Shop Visit from Brother Yusef, Blues Master

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

A regular customer of ours, Brother Yusef recently stopped by the shop to get two of his favorite guitars tuned up just  a little bit.  They are his Baby Taylers, and I can tell you, he does not baby these guitars.  Yusef is all about blues and all about hard driving slide guitar.   Also to make it that much more interesting,  Brother Yusef switches the tuning on those guitars sometimes from standard all the way down to an open C.   They have to be setup just right to be able to handle that change in string tension.


If you want to find out more about the hard drivin’ blues of Brother Yusef, check  out his website and many youtube videos he has.

Its a real live ’66 Strat

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Mark Salazar, drummer for The Goodes and other projects in the San Gabriel valley, brought his 1966 Stratocaster over for a string change and quick check on the setup. I couldnt resist taking a picture of it and sharing with you.  You can even see the original case in the background.   The guitar is in great shape for its age, and just about all original.  Mark tells me that last time he checked with some experts, based on the serial # that it may be a transition guitar, meaning it was made pre-CBS purchase of Fender but shipped afterwards in 1966.

The guitar was originally owned by Mark’s brother, who sadly passed away years ago, but his memory lives on for Mark in that guitar.  Its a treasured family heirloom as well it should be. 

Les Paul Gets New Lease on Life

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Bill Hibbets, a great guitar player who also happens to run Inner Knot records, a distribution company for established musicians,  dropped this guitar off a few weeks ago and it was in need of some heavy guitar TLC.   Not only was alot of the hardware missing or just hagged out, someone had done an amateur broken headstock repair. 

I checked out and stabilized the headstock,  upgraded the bridge, saddle and tuners, gave the frets a leveling and polishing, full setup, and to top it off refinished the area of the neck where the headstock damage was visible.  

 Here is Bill in the shop testing the guitar out with a set of 10 guage strings.   This guitar has some miles on it, but its a definite player’s guitar;  just enough dings, heavy body, and lots of tone.

For more details and pictures on the headstock finish repair, check out the Galleries Section of our website.

Bill Hibbets Lays Down a Funky Groove

Pele Hilstrom Visits the Shop

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Pele Hilstrom from Mod Wheel Mood stopped by the shop to have a new guitar worked on and set up properly.   Here he is hanging out in the repair shop, checking to see if it meets his standards.  Pele is also a songwriter for Chrysalis Publishing, and plays in many LA area bands.