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Les Paul Gets New Lease on Life

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Bill Hibbets, a great guitar player who also happens to run Inner Knot records, a distribution company for established musicians,  dropped this guitar off a few weeks ago and it was in need of some heavy guitar TLC.   Not only was alot of the hardware missing or just hagged out, someone had done an amateur broken headstock repair. 

I checked out and stabilized the headstock,  upgraded the bridge, saddle and tuners, gave the frets a leveling and polishing, full setup, and to top it off refinished the area of the neck where the headstock damage was visible.  

 Here is Bill in the shop testing the guitar out with a set of 10 guage strings.   This guitar has some miles on it, but its a definite player’s guitar;  just enough dings, heavy body, and lots of tone.

For more details and pictures on the headstock finish repair, check out the Galleries Section of our website.

Bill Hibbets Lays Down a Funky Groove

New Pics and Galleries Added to Website

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

I’ve added some new pics this past weekend to the Repair Gallery  and also added two Brand New Galleries  for your consumption and enjoyment, including Customer Pics and Partial Refret.   Hope you dig it!!!